What to look at while buying a smart lock?

smart lock installations CalgaryIn modern world we try to  make everything more and more convenient for us. We got digital control over many items of our everyday life. Smartphones made our life so easy. Now, people have all the kinds of smart appliances connected to their phones. Along with the appliances, smartlocks come. Isn’t it cool to be able to open or lock the door remotedly using an app? Or, maybe, to check if you locked the door for the night without getting out of your cozy bed?

Though there is a lot of cool features, it doesn’t necessarily mean these locks are safer. Of course, you will get more control. And you always should keep it in mind. smart lock installations Calgary however

Keeping or replacing the deadbolt?

Some smart locks will let you keep existing deadbolt. Which means, you will get to keep the old key. Here, you will just add some connectivity to your old lock. It’s the easiest way to make you lock a smart one.

The other option is to change the entire system. As the most of the locks come with a new deadbolt, you will have bigger choice.
Bluetooth, Z-Wave, or Wi-Fi?

There is a few ways of connection to your lock. And all of them have their pros and cons. And it is up to you how to manage your new lock.


In this case battery life of your lock is way longer than the one with Wi-Fi. But the range of connection is very limited. You will be able to control the lock from your home. And you will loose this ability if you are far from your house. smart lock installations Calgary


Such locks don’t connect to your phone directly. Here, you will need a special hub. Therefore, you can control a Z-Wave lock from wherever you are.

But not all these locks have their own apps. That is why you might have to use a third party app for managing it. smart lock installations Calgary

Wi-Fi smart lock installations Calgary

Some of the Bluetooth locks can be transformed into Wi-Fi ones. For this you will need to buy an add-on. Again, this will allow you to control the lock from anywhere.   moreover

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