Residential Locksmith Calgary

Calgary Lock Services have become a trusted name for Calgary residents. From one time call-outs to gain entry when locked out, to the long lasting relationships.

We keep Calgary residents safe by utilizing the latest security products and staying across the latest vulnerabilities. Our Calgary residential locksmith services include:

  • Gaining entry for lockouts with our 24 hour lockout service
  • Lock repairs
  • Lock rekeying
  • On-site key cutting
  • New lock supply and installation, including Smart Locks
  • Security inspection of your property and expert advice to make it more secure

Safety Comes First

Are you locked out of your house? Maybe your home recently had a burglary. Don't worry. Calgary Lock Services are here to help. We have become a trusted name for residents all over Calgary when it comes to home security. From late-hour emergency call for home lockouts to the installation of the most modern home security system, we have everything here at Calgary Lock Services.

We keep the home owners of Calgary safe from burglars and intruders by eliminating security vulnerabilities around your home. hence Residential Locksmith Calgary

Residential Locksmith Calgary

All of our work is backed by warranty and we’ll settle for nothing less than your complete satisfaction and security Call now on +1 (403) 870-4095


Home security shouldn’t be stressful

Have you just moved into a new home? Do you have locks on all doors and windows? Do you have security screen doors? Would you feel safer with an alarm or CCTV system? Your home should be your safe haven. Let us help secure your home to keep you, your family and your possessions safe.

Whether you’re locked out of your home or you need a better alarm system, our professionals are here to lend a helping hand. Calgary Lock Services supply and install a wide range of door locks and window locks to keep your home safe and secured. Residential Locksmith Calgary.

Just Moved House?

Residential Locksmith Calgary

When moving into a new house, it’s important to have all locks re-keyed, so that old keys no longer work. It’s the simplest way of securing your home.

Calgary Lock Services are happy to advise you on areas where your security can be further improved. Improving your home security can often result in reductions to your home and contents insurance premiums.

Our team of qualified and insured Residential locksmith Calgary specialists can advise you on the best and most cost-effective way of maximizing your security.

Mobile Residential Locksmith Calgary

As your local security specialist, our mobile locksmiths deliver the best results to ensure your residential property or commercial premises are secure. The core of our business focuses on providing clients with efficient and reliable residential locksmith Calgary services.

Security is no laughing matter; we know it deserves serious attention. Our residential locksmith Calgary team will respond to any job immediately and with the best tools. We put all our efforts in providing clients with the security they need and can trust.

Want to know more about how Calgary Lock Services can help you? Call now on +1 (403) 870-4095


Our Residential Locksmith Calgary Services

24 Hour Lock-out Service: Lost keys or damaged locks? From deadlocks to bike locks and everything in between, we can open them all in no time.

Key Cutting & Restricted Keys: Our mobile workshops are stocked with the widest range of keys and accessories. Doors, garages, letterboxes, padlocks and windows and our secure Restricted Key System…

Keyless Entry: From pin-code access, fob, key card or even your fingerprint, digital access solutions will make your security more convenient and put a stop to lost keys and lock outs.

Safes: From floor and wall safes to filing cabinet or jewellers’ safes. We stock, install or even crack a wide variety of safes. …

Window Locks : A range of window hardware including handles, security locks, latches.

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