High security door locks

What is a high security lock? It’s a lock that provides increased resistance to compromise. While many vendors call their locks high security ones, only the locks with an appropriate security rating are high security locks. door locks installation

There are few traits of such locks. And if you are interested in getting a really secure one, it is better to find a lock that meets more of the criteria below.

Cylinder complexity of the lock.

It means that the more difficult internal design of the lock, the harder it is to pick it open. At this point you should not be worried, if you are looking at strictly keypad lock. door locks installation

Amount of metal in lock composition.

Here, you should take a closer look at the lock. You wouldn’t want to buy one with empty space or components made out of plastic. Of course, these locks are cheaper, but they could also compromise your security. door locks installation

Bolt strength.

High security door locks should have hardened steel bolts. Which means they can resist bludgeoning attacks against the door. Also, these locks usually come with cut resistant bolts. Because of that one will not be able to use a hacksaw or a reciprocating saw to damage the bolt. door locks installation

Drill protection.

At this point, we recommend to get a lock with protected screws and shear line. It could be done with hardened steel ball-bearings or anti-drill plates. door locks installation

Control of the keys.

Here, you might want to invest in a lock with a patented key-way. Therefore access to the key blanks is way more restricted. And it’ll be just up to you to hide a spare key set properly. door locks installation


There is Top 5 recommended brands:

– Abloy however

– Mul-T-Lock moreover

– EVVA therefore

– Medeco

– BiLock


Proper choice of a lock and professional installation will boost your security drastically.

door locks installation

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