Most Trusted Door Lock Brands

Safety of your house or business is always one of the most important priorities. It has always been so. With all the technologies and progress in modern world, sometimes it’s hard to keep up with novelties on the market. And we should say, this market is quite large.

Below, we want to give a list and some description of the most trusted brands of locks.


This is a well-known company that makes the best locks on the market. Such brands as Medeco, Abloy, ASSA, Corbin Russwin, Mul-T-Lock, and Yale belong to it. And all of these brands manufacture the most trusted door locks you can find. These will be the most popular locks. And popularity in the world of locks means that they are trusted. Using locks of this company you can build security of, pretty much, any level.


Evva is not known to many people, but it is still highly trusted. Its model MCS has complicated magnetic key system, which hasn’t been picked yet. As they use magnetic pins within the keyway, Evva is a unique brand. Many professional locksmiths will recommend these locks for you security. Of course, some of the models can be picked or bypassed. But it will require a lot of effort and time and will not be easy.

RR Brink

The biggest achievement for this brand is that they are trusted to make prison locks. That is how we know that their locks are very secure. RR Brink locks are responsible for keeping dangerous people from society. When you want a door not to be opened by a wrong person, this brand is to be trusted. moreover


We can’t tell you these are the most secure locks, but they are not bad either. Baldwin is a popular brand that you can find in a home improvement store. Here, looking at their locks, you will see that they’re made of metal. They are heavy, and almost don’t have plastic parts. All this points out higher quality than the cheap locks have.  however

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