Deadlock, Deadlatche and Deadbolt

When dealing with the locks, we might be confused by the words such as “deadlock”, “deadlatch” and “deadbolt”.

So here is the post explain the differences between each locking device.


Calgary lock servicesA deadlock is a type of lock that when in deadlock mode can only be unlocked with a key.

On one side of the lock is a keyhole and on the other is another keyhole and turnable knob. When in deadlock mode the knob is inoperable. This is to increase security and prevent thieves who gain entry via a window for instance being able to escape via a deadlocked door.

While deadlocks are great to provide a high level of security care must be taken to not leave them in deadlock mode when you are at home. Otherwise in an emergency, such as a fire, you could be trapped inside if you don’t have the key with you.

However, when not in the deadlock mode you are able to use the handle to unlock and open the door from the inside.

This type of locking mechanism is popular in both commercial and residential properties to provide high levels of security.


Calgary lock servicesOne of the more common design of a deadlock is the deadbolt.  Typically the locking bolt extends out of the lock allowing it to go into a wall to secure the door. As this puts a single metal bolt from the door into the wall it makes forcing the door open almost impossible when a deadbolt is locked.

This lock is recommended and commonly used because of its strength and easy operation. To lock this lock you simply insert a key and turn to lock. To unlock you insert a key and turn to unlock. With a lock like this you will never lock your self out!  You will need a key to lock it. Also with a lock like this you will not need to lock the inside of the lock as well.

With the increase in security that these locks offer, deadlocks and deadbolts are a very common feature in many homes and commercial properties today. These types of locks can be used on their own, however are often alongside a regular latching lock. When used in conjunction with another lock, a deadbolt is usually placed above the door handle.


Calgary lock servicesThe difference between a deadbolt and deadlatch is that when you close the door behind you, the deadlatch will self-deadlock. Once again, you will keylock a deadlatch from the inside before leaving, but it will allow you to close the door behind you without having to keylock it from the outside when you leave.

Having an active deadlock on your front door is a great way to ensure that intruders cannot simply open the front door from inside allowing them to steal large objects easily. But you don’t want to have a deadlock active on your front door when you or anyone else is home.

The current deadlatches today have an anti-deadlock device fitted. This means when you come home to unlock the door, it will automatically unlock the inside deadlatch system. The old-style deadlatches would stay deadlocked from the inside.

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