Vehicle Keys & Unlocking

Lost, stolen, or worn out keys are the main reasons for car replacement keys or motorcycles are requested. Car key replacement is a little bit more involved than what you might think and requires an automotive locksmith.

However, don’t worry; you’re far from alone and we’ve put together some top tips to help you remain calm and regain access to your vehicle.

I’ve Locked My Keys in the Car

The main thing is to keep calm, think logically and follow these simple steps:

  • Check your pockets and your bag(s). Thoroughly check all pockets, handbags, wallets, pouches and shopping bags. It is sometimes happens and you not have put your keys in their usual place. For example, you might have a particular pocket in your handbag, or pants, where you always keep your keys. Sometimes it’s quite easy to absentmindedly put them elsewhere as you go about your busy day. car replacement keys
  • Check all car doors. Check that all car doors, are definitely locked. Even with modern central-locking systems, there are occasional incidents whereby not all doors lock properly. The lock could be faulty or there could be something obstructing the door closure. The last thing you want to do is pay for a callout locksmith only to find that there is an unlocked door after all.
  • Is There a Spare Key? If you have a spare key, think about where it is, where you are and how long it would take to travel between the two. In case it’s not too far, consider whether a family member or friend could pick up the spare and bring it to you. Consequently, if it would only take up to half an hour, then give them a call. car replacement keys

Now, there is another thing, that you might be worried about, which should be resolved ASAP:

Kids locked in the car? In that case, Calgary Lock Services has an emergency lock service. Our 24/7 emergency mobile service will come to your car, get the kids out and sort out a new key if it has been lost.

Pets locked in the car? It won’t be free but we will get them out ASAP.

Lost keys. How long does it take to replace car keys?

Car key replacementAs the transponder chip in your key needs to be programmed for your car your vehicle is required on the premises for about half an hour to an hour. Without access to the car we are unable to replace a key for you.

For most modern cars we are not able to recreate a duplicate key directly from an existing key that will start your car.

Replacing the locks on your car.

Occasionally the physical locks of your car may need to be replaced. If they have been damaged it is possible to replace and reprogram them. It is recommended that you find a replacement lock from a car wrecking yard. A cheaper option than going direct to a dealership. An automotive locksmith will then be able to fit the replacement lock. Moreover, to program it to match the rest of your car. Be sure to find a lock from the closest make and model of your vehicle to replace the damaged lock with. You should be able to insert your existing car key into the lock but not turn it.

Don’t Force the Car Door or Smash a Window

As tempting as it may be when you’re stressed or in a hurry, don’t force the car door or smash a window – it can end up costing you a small fortune.

Unless, of course it’s an emergency. In an emergency situation, such as a child or dog trapped in a hot vehicle, drastic measures may need to be taken.

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