Some truth behind automotive lock services

We can do more than you think! Calgary Lock Services

We can do much more than just unlock doors!

There’s a very good reason that the training process to become a locksmith is so lengthy and requires many different certifications and courses. Furthermore, just because we’re mobile doesn’t mean that we’re any less qualified than the locksmith who works out of their very own storefront!

Calgary Lock Services does it all, including some lesser-known services and skills such as…

Removing car keys that are stuck in the ignition

Sometimes removing stuck keys is similar to performing surgery. It takes a considerable amount of delicacy and finesse to avoid causing avoidable damage to your lock or ignition chamber!

In fact, in many cases where the key is extra stubborn, the only way to dislodge it may be to partially dismantle your lock or ignition. The key may steadfastly refuse to budge, or the issue may be with the pins and tumbler inside.

So how to fix that? To dismantle the lock or ignition. What you may not have known is that our locksmith in Calgary can do this on the spot! Many assume that thanks to our mobile nature, we either don’t have the skill-set or equipment to do so. This is patently false.

So if you’re having trouble with a stuck key, don’t hesitate to call our automotive lock services at +1 (403) 870-4095!

Home locksmith services

In addition to automotive lock services, our team also provides a wide range of commercial and residential locksmithing services such as:

  • Home rekeying
  • Master key systems
  • Safes
  • Deadlocks, padlocks and chains
  • Emergency lockouts

Some locksmiths focus solely on one or the other. Not us. On top of keeping your car secure, our auto locksmiths in Calgary can also keep your home and business safe too.

Replace broken car key

Cutting a spare key is easy when we have a copy of the original to work off. But what if we’re working blind? Many motorists assume that if there’s no key for reference, then the only option is to go to the dealership.

Here’s a little known fact: your auto locksmith doesn’t need an original to make a new key. Not only can we do it on-the-spot, but we’ll also do it without a copy of the original to work off!

We use the skills that we have learnt during our apprenticeship to generate a key for your car, without a trip to the dealership. Moreover, while we’re there, we can also program the immobilizer and remote part of the key too!

We can help owners of most car brands

It’s a given that your auto locksmith in Calgary will be able to help owners of common car brands like Toyotas or Nissans. But what about rarer makes?

Many assume that an automotive locksmith won’t be much use for their vehicle. “It’s a rare model” they think, “so the locksmith has probably never worked on one before”. We’re here to tell you that’s completely false!

The fact of the matter is that the principles behind your car keys, locks and ignition chambers are similar across most brands and manufacturers.  however

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