Keys & Locks Calgary

We are committed to being there for the people of Calgary, Airdrie, Chestremere and Okotoks when you need us. You never know when a lock might break. Your keys might fall down a storm water drain or worse... you could be burgled. lock installations calgary door locks repair calgary

We can provide all your locksmith services onsite! lock installations calgary door locks repair calgary. window locks repair calgary

  • Opening keyless or jammed locks
  • Lock installations & Repair
  • Removal and replacement of locks
  • Key cutting and re keying
  • Door locks and window locks repairs
  • Lost keys
  • All kind of lock change
lock installations calgary, door locks repair calgary, door locks repair Calgary
We understand that the security of loved ones and belongings can rely on our expert service. That is why we guarantee we'll get there quickly!
lock installations calgary window locks repair calgary. door locks repair Calgary


Lost Keys or Locked out Calgary

If you’ve lost your house keys we can make new keys for your existing locks, sparing you the expense of installing new locks. Our highly skilled mobile locksmiths can create new keys for your existing locks as part of our emergency lockout assistance service.

With our mobile locksmith vans, and professional stuff, we can usually have you sorted within the hour. Keep our number handy as you never know when you may need it next. lock installations calgary

We also carry a great range of key boxes in store so you needn't get locked out again. Our friendly staff are happy to advise you on the best model to suit your needs, and the best places to safely store your spare key for that next locked out emergency.

Lock Installations & Repairs Calgary

Locks of all types are supplied, installed, opened, serviced and/or repaired by our professional team. We have the equipment and experience to solve any lock problem. We can offer every type of mechanical and digital lock covering the entire range. Lock installations and repairs with Calgary Lock Services are available in Calgary, Airdrie, Chestermere and Okotoks. finally

In addition, we are committed to making your home or business a safe place, giving you the security you need. It is our promise to give you professional and reliable service. Moreover, we clean up after ourselves and make sure you are completely satisfied. All Lock installations and repairs are guaranteed. door locks repair calgary lock installations calgary


Window Locks Repair Calgary

Burglars don't like locked windows - remember, nearly 66% of burglaries are through windows. It makes sense to fit window locks, there are window locks for most types of windows, fit them to all accessible windows - Breaking glass makes noise and attracts attention. If the windows are deadlocked, the burglar will almost certainly be unable to open them even after breaking the glass. Moreover, he will have to climb past jagged pieces of broken glass to get in. To spread the cost, fit locks to the most vulnerable windows first and then progressively fit locks to all other accessible windows, remember, louver windows are easy for burglars, make sure you glue (use an epoxy resin) all the glass slats in or consider security bars. window locks repair calgary


Key Cutting & ReKeying Calgary

We are able to re-key your premises to enable one key to fit all locks (subject to existing locks). In addition, where appropriate, we carry this out at multiple sites. We can also cut any key to match a sample. Moreover, in many cases we can cut keys to locks where there is no sample available. This work is often carried out on-site saving time and costs.

Our mobile key cutting service can be used by the time-poor or as part of an emergency lockout service. lock installations calgary door locks repair calgary. window locks repair calgary

Lock Change Calgary

There are many reasons you may need to change your locks. If you are moving into a new home it is highly recommended that you replace each of the locks as any number of previous owners may still have a key.

Or perhaps a flatmate has recently moved out and you need the peace of mind that you are the only one with access to your home.

Calgary Lock Services can refit a whole house, or a single door lock, to keep you feeling safe and secure. We can also reduce the number of keys you need by making a single key fit most of the locks in your home. No more fumbling around in the dark trying to find the correct door key. door locks repair calgary


Door Locks Repair Calgary

Burglars don't like double deadlocked doors, that is doors fitted with security locks that can be locked on the inside and outside of the door. This prevents the burglar breaking a glass pane and reaching inside to open the door (as can be done with most existing locks fitted as standard). It also prevents the door being opened from the inside to allow the removal of your larger household possessions- A five lever mortice lock or a double cylinder deadbolt provides excellent security for standard doors. For thinner doors (below 38mm approximately), fit a surface mounted deadlatch with a cylinder that can be deadlocked.


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