Things to consider when buying a safe

Safes are usually a once in a lifetime purchase. They are meant to serve you long and properly. That is why you should have a clear picture of what you want from your safe.

Size Home Safe installation Calgary

You should totally get it bigger than you thought. At this point one should consider storing more items in the future. Many people regret of buying “just the right size” safe. So here it comes to “the bigger the better” in this case.Home Safe installation Calgary

Hidden or wall safes

Though these safes provide concealment, generally they are not a good place to store items of high value. Wall safes are attached to the studs in the wall, so it can be easily cut or pried out. The fire protection is also not the best. It’s limited to the sheet-rock in the wall. however

Let’s say, these safes are good only to store valuables for short time. Home Safe installation Calgary

Fire rating

This point is often overlooked, but should be one of the first considerations. As a safe meant to protect your valuables not only from the robberies, but also in case of fire. Usually it is recommended to buy a safe with at least 1 hour fire rate. Also you should look up for fire seal on the door. This will give your safe higher fire rate. Do not forget that there is such thing as fireproof safes on the market nowadays. There are only fire resistant ones that can protect your valuables from fire just for certain time. Home Safe installation Calgary

Floor safes

Such safes can provide great security if installed in the floor surrounded with concrete. But they are not good protection from fire. Home Safe installation Calgary

Locks Home Safe installation Calgary

Redundant locks are the best, as they combine both electronic and mechanical locks in one. So if the one fails, another will provide you access to the safe. Home Safe installation Calgary


Though you could do a research on all these points, it is always better to ask a professional to help you too make the right choice.

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