How to protect your home while you are away?

Property crime can have a devastating impact. Here are some simple steps you can take to make your home and property as safe as possible:

Lock Up

Of course, the most important tip to protect your home is to double-check that every access point is closed and locked up. That includes downstairs and upstairs doors and windows. You can also amp up security by installing a security alarm system.

Ask a Friend or Neighbor to Keep an Eye on Your Home

Although it isn’t as commonplace these days, there are many benefits to befriending your neighbors. For one, you can ask them to keep a watchful eye on your home while you’re away and at the very least let them know that nobody will be home for a while.

Make it Look Like You Are At Home

Although it might cost you a little more in electricity bills, having the lights or TV on is a powerful deterrent for any criminals thinking of robbing your place. You can ask a trusted neighbor to turn appliances such as lights, the television or radio on at certain times or you can even set some of these things on a timer. Any sign that there may, in fact, be someone home will help keep burglars and intruders at bay.

Have a Neighbor Park on Your Driveway

If you are friendly enough with a neighbor, they may be willing to park their car in your driveway every once in a while. This is another tactic to make it look like there are people living in the house.

Have Somebody For Regular Check-Ups

Having someone you trust to stop by your home can really put your mind at ease. By giving a trusted friend or family member a spare key, you can request them to drop by to water your plants or just to double-check that you turned off the gas or didn’t leave your back door unlocked.

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